So I'm planning on getting a Mesa Boogie Dual Rec (which I'm not really planning on taking past 50w), with a horizontal 2x12 cab (120w/8ohm). I'm also planning on throwing a Weber Mass attenuator into the mix as well because I think that it'll strongly suit my needs. However, I recently heard that if you use an attenuator with a 'power' amp, it'll sound like crap if you still use the standard cab for it; and that instead, you should get a low wattage cab so it sounds better. Is this true? I've never heard anything like this and it sounds a little weird.

Here are the links to the cab/attenuator if this helps:
- Cab: http://www.mesaboogie.com/Product_Info/Guitar%20Cabinets/RECTOcabs/Recto2x12H-LG.htm
- Annenuator: https://taweber.powweb.com/weber/masslite.htm (I chose the 100w because I'm not going to take the amp past 50w)

Thanks for the help!!
I'm not really sure if you can do that or not.

But for the sake of practicality, get the amp first and see how you like it. If you feel you need an attenuator still, get one and see how you like it. If you're attenuating to a low enough volume level, you will lose the aspect of the speakers moving air which is a part of your sound. Which is probably where this idea of using a lower wattage speaker comes from. If you were attenuating to a low level, I would think the wattage of the speaker is irrelevant because the speaker still wouldn't be physically moving very much.

But, I don't really know.
i really dont think an attenuator is what you are looking for. they basically lower the wattage which lowers headroom, which makes cleans get dirty faster, and if you use it hard enough, you power tubes distort on an amp that is meant to get its dirt from the preamp section and it will not sound good.

there is such thing as a volume knob on the amp. i am sure you would still be able to play it when you want to, sure it may not sound as good as it with the volume half way up, but it works. the only amp i have never gotten an acceptable tone from at really low volume is my Nitro or Promod, they sound terrible until maybe louder TV levels.
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