im pretty confused and need advice
i just bought two used large pa speakrs
thier power is 250/1000
im assuming thats rms/peak
now i just need a mixer to go with it
but what would the appropriate mixer be?
should i get a powered or unpowered mixer
i plan on playing these loud and soon to be gigged
would this mixer do for now?
anything you can add would help alot
Safe bet that you're right about the rms/peak.

Are your speakers passive or powered?

If passive, what is the impedance of the speakers?

Don't buy behringer amps--all arguments of their quality aside, their wattage is very over-stated. They list peak like other companies list rms, and even then their peak wattage ratings are extremely generous.

Grabbing a used behringer passive board can be a decent deal though IME.