Well, basically, I have a squier Strat (Standard series) and some Fender "starcaster" from Best Buy. Not liking the sound I had from my Squier, I began part-swapping and screwing around. Easy enough for the most part. Getting annoyed that everything I did didn't work, I changed pickguards. Kind of got away with it, but trying to put it back on presented more of a challenge. Mostly from accidentally trimming wires that I was intending to strip. I wasn't very careful because I just didn't care that much. I could get a soldering iron and probably get it all back together, but I'm just sick of it and don't care anymore. I just wanna sell both guitars as they are and be done with it. Pretty much just assume that they are those 2 electronic guitars, but without the electronics. I know I won't get much, but would like 50 or 60 bucks be to much to ask? Should I sell it to Guitar Center? I have both pickguards and input jacks with all of the pickups, they just aren't connected.


yea, you could probably get away with that. beginning guitarist can't tell the difference between good and bad gear, for the most part. however, if you are using that guitar from best buy's amp, that is probably the source of your problem. also, if you are looking for a mid-grade guitar, you will still have to pay another 100 bucks or so.

edit: by the way, how bad condition are they exactly? if they aren't too bad you could simply have them repaired, though i don't think you want them anymore anyway hahaha.
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Neither guitar are in bad condition per se. All that needs to be done is to hook the wires back up that have been disconnected. The Squier sounds as bad as the Best buy thing in my opinion, except it has the humbucker. I figured just take the guitars up to Guitar Center and seeing what happens. I put a string on each of them and you can play it and tell it's fine, the pickguards and input jacks just have to be re-installed.
Well, thanks for that, but I'm still gonna go to GC and at least see what they say. I won't sell though unless they offer me something ridiculous. Do you think they would throw in extra money if I wanted like a GC gift card instead of cash? Obviously, I plan on getting a new guitar after this ordeal. I feel really stupid spending 230 on a Squier after looking up MIM strats for just a few bucks more.
you get 10% off at gc if you turn in used gear. maybe 20% since you have 2 guitars lol.
So if I wanted a $250 guitar that would only amount to 50 bucks off....I think I'd try to sell it to someone else.
GC probably wouldn't take it. They'll only buy in used gear that they can sell on again and they can't sell gear that's been ****ed around with and had its guts ripped out.

eBay is your best bet. Lots of people sell Squier parts and other Fender parts on there. Sell each piece individually to get the most money back.