Hey Everyone,

I'm in the process of learning the song Misery by hide, and referring to this guys video a lot because it's very good and has clear close ups of the fretboard etc. Anyway my main question is about those really nice chug sounds he is getting, is that because he is rich and has all that amazing gear or is a lot of it in technique? Besides a Peavy Rage 158 amp, I have a Digitech RP50 for effects/sounds. Those chugs start around 0:56-1:00 and will reappear during the chorus.


So in this guys case is it mainly gear or technique? When I play it just sounds flat/dull haha.
palm muted triplets? just hold the bottom of ur palm on a very tiny patch of the strings near the bridge whilst ur picking, also hold the pick so only a tiny bit shows... this will give you loads more control
Just palm muting bro. Do it as close to the bridge as possible and you'll find it a ton easier to control. Sounds like you're doing it to hard.
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
yeah as silent murder said it requires a delicate technique, let ur amp do the volume
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lol what kind of guitar do u have?

Fernandes MG-100x (Black) and stock everything.
Thanks for the tip guys, really appreciate it. I'll try working on it when I'm home today. Glad to know I don't need his, what looks to be over $5000 rig to achieve that kind of technique/sound.
its not about what guitar you use, its about what sound you make using it
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its not about what guitar you use, its about what sound you make using it

True but surely his equipment must make quite a large difference, right? I know I won't be able to achieve a sound like his in that video but I'm just after that heavy "chug".
Kill mids, almost max out bass, max highs and maybe JUST A TINY BIT of reverb. Should work