I'm a mostly Metal guitarist (learning Blues), and I really want to learn to play Country.

I'd appreciate some advice a lot. :]

Scales to learn, technique, etc.
I'm not that great of a finger picker, I usually stick with a pick, but I'd like to play Country both ways.

I want to learn how to play like this:

So if there are any Country pros out there, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks.
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First thing you need to do is listen to as much country as you can get your hands on, you can't possibly hope to learn and apply the basics of a genre without listening to it.
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I've dabbled in Country stuff for lulz, and I used a lot of slides and pulloffs to open strings, as well as string skipping. Pick a chord, arpeggiate it and pulloff some of the notes to the open strings or slide to them. That's all the advice I have :P
First off, get yourself a Telecaster or a Strat with single coils because that will get you the 'twang' you need. That's actually a big part of the sound, and it won't really sound 'country' without it.

Secondly, I'd recommend listening to a lot of Brad Paisley. That guy can shred - I saw him in Bozeman. (I'm a fellow Montanan.) I too, listen to and play almost exclusively metal of all genres, but after seeing Brad live, I have to say I was very impressed.

As far as techniques, I think good old alternate picking will get you far. I even saw Brad Paisley doing some tremelo picking and legato runs at times. Musically, country is not much different than blues and rock; it's all in the tone and the phrasing that sets it apart. So practice some pentatonic scales but try bending in different times and muting on different beats. You'll know when it sounds 'country.'
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learn the major pentatonic scale

Good start. TS, the country scale is a hexatonic scale, so add a b3 to the above. I recommend listening to lots of this music first though.

Check out the Hellecasters who are the G3 version of this genre.
Thank you for all of your advice, it will help a lot. :]

Brad Paisley is a big inspiration of mine already, I love his work. He's the main reason why I want to learn this style. I'll start practicing immediately!
I got a pretty cool instructional video called something like Hot Country Licks by Steve Trovato off a friend and he probably got it from thepiratebay or somewhere like that, look it up. It had some cool expamples of flashy country licks over progressions and seemed to be ideal for the guy like yourself who is already fairly skilled but who wants to learn some country.
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Don't forget a good capo! Maybe they'll throw one in free with your new Tele.......

A capo always comes in handy. The alto girls like to sing in Ab, or Bb, and you can rock the keys of F#, B, and E, using open chord voicings.

I know, I know, I know, but somebody told me that he saw Brad with one on the third fret. Probably those pesky C6 tunings on the slide guitars that forced him down the path to capoed iniquity.
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First thing you need to do is listen to as much country as you can get your hands on, you can't possibly hope to learn and apply the basics of a genre without listening to it.

good advice