Built a Strat about 2-3 years ago, finished the neck in a gloss lacquer and I've grown to really hate it.
I've sanded it back a bit on the back of the neck, but would ideally like to take it all down to a satin finish.
How do I go about doing this? What kind of oil should I apply afterwards, and do I do it to the fretboard too?
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You can get a satin finish just by going over the existing finish with some 0000 grade steel wool. If you don't like what the finish is made of you could try respraying with a matte lacquer but you'd be limited in your choices. Most matte lacquers are poly based and give a fairly plastic sort of finish. The best satin finish is sanding it right back to bare wood then adding a polymerising oil such as linseed or Tru oil to the neck and going over it with the steel wool. The finish you get from it is really smooth yet not tacky at all. I use it on all my guitar necks.