I've decided that playing live with cables isn't my thing, and have started looking into wireless systems. Can you guys give me some input on the best bang for your back system? I'm looking to spend about $250 at most.
Depends why you don't like cables, if its you run around too much and don't want to be tied down, sure wireless is good. If you just can't be arsed with cables, wireless systems mean...more cables. Also, wireless systems cut out like bitches if you run away/behind things...so a cheap one will suck. Browse ebay though, I used to use a JTS one, it was okay, but the benefits were not worth it, i'm all plugged in now.
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lol i made this same thread a while back, turns out not many people know about wireless systems. hope more people see this one
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the MINIMUM I'd use on a stage is a line6 relay, because I heard people say it's good and it seems pretty much unanimous. However, I wouldn't feel comfortable using anything lesser than my Audio-Technica 3000 series (or obviously an equivalent from another brand), and it was a bit over 500 bucks.
Honestly, I feel like it's unprofessional to get on a stage with some sub-par gear, and a wireless system of low quality that can have many interferences and cut out at any time isn't going to cut it, at least for me.
However, in my opinion, these systems are insanely useful on stage. You don't get tangled in cables, you never lose any length, you can move freely everywhere around the stage, you can even actually go in the crowd. But yeah, it comes with a price, sadly.
I use an AKG SR40 wireless system, mainly cos we play pubs where space can be quite tight, and I'm fed up with standing on my cables and running the risk pulling it out of the guitar. There is no signal loss, or delay of any kind (unless I walk miles from the amp then obviously that would be expected).
The quality is good, and the equipment is rugged enough for me to have gigged with it for 6 years without any problems of any kind, including interference from radio signals other than the ones I intend from my guitar. It cost me around £120 at the time.
It's all down to personal requirements in my opinion. A lot of professionals don't use them and some do. I personally like mine. I can walk around and surprise people if I want! lol Although it does make some people think I'm miming lol but I take that as a compliment and when I let them brush the open strings they can hear the 'brang' noise they just made! lol
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bump up to 400$ and buy the line 6 G30.

and Im probably gonna buy a wireless eventually for my band, because it pisses me off when my cable twists up like mad on stage. but it isnt really worth it unless you gig a fair bit imo.
Definitely try the line 6, I've only heard good things about those, best price-quality and doesn't altere your tone much like the bunch.

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and yea i checked the price on the G30. ita 300$ off of musicians friend/guitar center. my bad
Unless you spend a shitload of money wireless systems suck.
I have had a few AKG guitar bug, Shure PG and a Line 6 X2. All I use is cables now, they have much better sound than the wireless systems that are in my budget.
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I have the Sennheiser Freeport system, and never had any issues with it at all.
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Depends on loads of factors. Are you doing gigs very often? Then you will want a line6 g30 or a Sampson Airline AG1