Recently bought a pair of Seymour Duncan blackouts for one of my guitars. The guitar shop I took it to had ordered it in and fitted it for me at a discount.

Now I've got a problem where my tone pots don't work, neither of them, at all.

The guy that did the work had told me that he had wired it one way and had the problem, then called in their off site guitar technician who had wired it another way and still got the same problem.

I asked for the guitar back and they told me if I found the 'cause of the problem and bring it back they won't charge me anything, not even for the pickups themselves.

So does anyone have any idea as to what it could be?
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Hmmmm Having done techwork myself. The wiring is pretty basic (I go off the assumption it's 2 Humbuckers, 1 volume and 2 tone pots)

If you could make a picture of how it's wired right now, or possible write it in ascii/code or plain text even to cross out things it's not.

Hypothetically it could be the logical things like:

- wiring broken inside.

- Open wiring spots or accidental/unwanted solder connection is very common and can cause it to short out. If the tone and volume loops are in parallel this could be an option.

- Faulty tone pot: Same as above, but now the connection is broken in the pot, which can cause the problem if both tone pots are in series, but unlikely.


Seriously get a picture of it, it would erase so many possibilities, cause if the wiring is correct, and wiring not broken, I'd just buy new tone pots.

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