Hey guys,

I plug my guitar in my Boss BCB60 pedalboard and then straight into my Peavey 6505 high gain input.
My effects on the pedalboard are as follows:

______________ BOSS BCB60_____________

Guitar -> Boss TU-3 -> Boss NS-2 -> Maxon OD808 -> Peavey 6505

So that's my current setup.

Now, in a week I'm getting a Boss DD-20 Giga Delay twinpedal and I was wondering where to put this pedal in my chain. At first I was just gonna put it between the Maxon OD808 and the Peavey 6505 but later I heard it would be best to put the pedal in de amp's Effects Loop.

Is this right? And in case it is...why?
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try it in both spots (end of board and in effects loop) with clean and distortion and youll understand why
It's over simplified, So what!

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think of it this way, with the giga delay infront of the amp, the guitar signal will have the delay added, then it will go through all the gain stages that add distortion from your amp. that doesnt sound too great compared to having the distorted signal delayed