Hey guys I was wondering if there were any good instructional videos or columns on how to set up your gear and create the tone that you want. (especially when playing with a band or performing live) Any further tips on eq would be helpful.
plug it in and experiment if you want to find your sound that is how it's done. as for getting other pepple's sound well that is also about experimenting as chances are you will have different equipment. vids are nice but learning your own way around your gear is something that you should do yourself.
Ye I know that, I just think that the basics are all the same and the theory behind it aswell
This is exactly like when people new to guitar get frustrated at how hard it is to keep track of all the things you have to do at once, and just want a shortcut - someone to give them a magic set of rules they can memorize and follow instead of putting in hours of practice.

There's no shortcut. If you want tips on very specific questions, we can help, but there's no substitute for learning how things work, and the way to do that is to experiment and make mistakes.
Set all the knobs for every piece of gear you have at the noon position.
Then tweak from there.

Just turn the knobs till it sounds good
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