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I'm wanting to become a luthier when i get older and wanted to know where i could get some nice wood like quilted maple and mahogany. i know its pretty pricey but itl be worth it when it comes out im sure!
you can buy wood from Carvin.com, Warmoth.com Stewmac.com among other places.
A lot of those sites have packages to teach you how to build guitars as well.
Good luck
Couple of other options:
Fraser valley woods - good for maple, walnut, acoustic sets
Northridge hardwoods - good for maple
Ebay store Woodcrafters and more (temporarily down) - good for rare stuff like korina
Also depending on where you are it might be worth googling or looking around for anywhere locally. Hand picking woods and not having to pay international shipping is a big bonus.
I will use these as my main source:

as well as Stewmac.

I'm part way through building my first guitar (acoustic OM shape, rosewood/spruce).

I've seen a couple of your other threads, so I'll offer some advice. Luthiery is bloody hard. Takes a lot of work, patience, commitment, as well as a large financial investment. I would advise you to buy some relatively cheap woods, few books on building guitars and some basic tools, and build one or two guitars like that. If you enjoy it, and have some skill, then splash the cash on expensive wood and gear.
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Google is your friend here, google what your after and where you are and im sure you'll end up with some results.