I do vocals and I can show you some previous works I've done just pm me.

Looking for drummer(or someone who can program drums), guitarists, bassist and that's about it maybe some piano tracks.
Influences: At The Gates, Carnifex, Salt The Wound, Black Dahila Murder, Decapitation, Devourment, Ingested, Suffocation, Conducting From The Grave, Molotov Solution, Prayer For Cleansing, Veil Of Maya, My Autumn, Man Must Die, Suicide Silence, As You Drown, Rose Funeral and more.

Looking to promote the hell out of this and be as serious as an online project can be.
Age doesn't matter just write technical heavy music.
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I can program and write drums and bass, write and record guitar, and do mixing and mastering. If you want some examples, I can upload them. If this is serious, I'd like to have a part in it.
Uploading some bits and pieces now man. Most of it is written mainly by me, but there's a song or two which I've just done production work on. I'll specify when I link them here.
I'd be interested! I'm a guitarist but I can also program/edit drums and sequence keyboard parts. My real writing strengths lie with contributing/re-working the work of others.

Drop me a message with some of you're past work and I'll send you a link to some audio/vids etc.
Top lel.