Rock Band Honors Military as Tribute to Own Family Veterans

(October 7, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA) The Montana-based rock band, MARSHALL CATCH, is celebrating the release of their patriotic single “The Ballad of the USS Arizona” with a special performance commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor in Honolulu Hawaii. Pacific Historic Parks and the National Park Service are co-sponsoring a full week of special events in December to commemorate the anniversary of the "date which will live in infamy". The Enduring Legacy - 70th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Commemoration will mark this important anniversary for our nation and MARSHALL CATCH will be there to honor our World War II veterans and the “life” of the Battleship USS Arizona.

MARSHALL CATCH was inspired to compose this tribute song from the perspective of the ship herself. Moved by its 30 year “life” of service prior to WW II, the band’s ballad captures the history and personality of the Arizona itself in four stirring verses, each presenting a specific era from her time of service and of the people’s lives she touched. From transporting our WW I Doughboys home from Europe to securing the sparkling seas of the Pacific, about the stalwart battleship singer/songwriter Luke Lautaret declares, “There is so much history inside the story of the Arizona, I wanted to do my best to set that free and give it meaning to my own generation, which has largely forgotten the sacrifices that were made.”

It has been almost seven decades, a full lifetime for many, since America was thrust into war on that bright Sunday morning of December 7th. Lautaret knows of the estimate that our WW II veterans are passing on at a rate of about 1000 per day. Few of these brave men and women of the “Greatest Generation” may be left to grace the grounds of a 75th memorial service. Lautaret’s own great-uncle was held prisoner in a German POW camp and he discovered that keyboard player Jared Denney's great uncle was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during World War II, and Aaron Danreuther, the guitarist, had a grandfather awarded the Bronze Star for service in Italy, also during World War II.

Lautaret explains, “The song became a powerful example of the heritage each of us holds, in addition to a work of art that we are very proud of. 1177 men were lost aboard the Arizona when Japanese planes bombed our sleeping Pacific fleet that day. This song was written to honor those that battled so heroically at Pearl Harbor, in spite of such overwhelming devastation. I wanted the song to have a modern sound, so that it could impact a generation that doesn’t often pay attention to events that transpired so long ago.”

The band offers a download of the single through iTunes with all proceeds to be donated to the Montana local chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). Prior to the bands journey to Hawaii, they will perform at various fundraisers in and around their home base, raising money to help with their trip to the The Enduring Legacy - 70th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Commemoration. Details to those shows are below.

MARSALL CATCH is Luke Lautaret on lead vocals and guitar, Aaron Danreuther on lead guitar, Aidan Foshay on bass, keyboard and vocalist Jared Denney and drummer George Kimerly, IV.

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