I have been rediredted here:
Hi, I was looking for the right place to post this, the posts about recording are for demos, so I decided to go to accessories. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place.
I am looking at different software out there. In 2006 I bought a sony acid studio, which does not really satisfy my needs, I don't like the effects. Years ago I tried cakewalk and I was very impressed. So I wonder about their guitar tracks pro software, and I am also looking at a cheaper version of Cubase, pro tools is out of the question. I do not discard Sony, although my experience has been frustrating.
What experience do you have with Sony Acid Studio, Cakewalk, or Cubase? or Audacity?. Do you know if any of these offer 30-day free trial downloads? and could you share some audio samples?
Here are my needs, to record:
I would start by adding a drum loop to the track,
then try to record the bass. Does any of these convert your guitar audio signal into a bass, not midi. I have zero knowledge about MIDI. I was able to do that with an old Digitech RP processor I used to have.

Then I would record the guitar tracks, either already effected from my rig, or clean to add the effect later.

Right now I practice with a Boss Loop station 2 which is great, but it only allows to record 12 loops, and 4 of those are already filled with great factory presets whichI don't want to erase. I also have a Line 6 uX1 interface that I use with Gearbox.

So, basically I want something to record blues, different rhythms, different keys
Also, to record my songs, and finally to practice new genres, for instance, I like recording U2 songs and play with effects, but it would be great to record different loops to mess around with. Thanks for the input.
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The recording forum would be the best place for this - there are loads of guys who frequent that forum who have experience in most of the main software packages, quite a few work in recording studios so they know what they're talking about.

Of the packages you mention, Audacity is generally not regarded very highly so you probably won't want that one. I don't know if the others do free trials or not, but there's one called Reaper which gets good reviews and does a free trial, then apparently you're supposed to pay for it, but it carries on working without forcing you into buying it.

I'd normally recommend considering a multitracker as an option, depending on which you purchased it you could get one which would allow for more than 12 tracks and do most of the editing you want, but obviously the more tracks you want the more it will cost and you can't download additional plugins for extra effects so the unlimited tracks & expandability provided by software is probably the better option for you.

Try Reaper, and try posting in the recordings forum.