Hi all!
So Christmas is fast approaching and I am going to be receiving a copious amount of cash to go shopping for myself for here soon. What I want is to be able to play guitar through my computer as well as record, and I want a program where I can also compose other instruments in for my recordings as well (kinda like GarageBand). Problem is I am completely clueless on these kind of things, so I request GGnA's help!
I have a brand new laptop with Windows 7 and decent specs that I'm almost certain can keep up with any program I install on it, as well as a pretty big budget for whatever software/recording shit I need, so the sky's the limit. Just keep in mind that I am a complete beginner at this kind of stuff, so something with a relatively easy learning curve but a good overall program would be cool.

tl;dr: I need software to record my guitar though and compose other instruments in, help me out

EDIT: It is also worth mentioning that I have a Bugera head sitting here at my house too, so if there's any way to plug my guitar into that and then run that into my computer you should mention that
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Pro Tools is the industry standard as far as DAWs go. But thats if the sky is really the limit. It's pricey, but pretty much packed with everything you need.

You could start with reaper though. Its great software, a bit more straightforward and paying for it is optional.
Im not sure what VSTs/virtual instruments reaper comes with, you'll want something like amplitube/guitar rig for amp/cabinet emulation.
I use drumagog, native abbey road or battery for drums, massive or minimonsta for fat synths.

Interface wise, assuming you only need 2 tracks, presonus audio box, tascam us122, focusrite saffire. Whatever you get just make sure it has a hi-z/instrument option for input.

Midi keyboards are essential if you dont want to have to draw everything into the piano roll. Have a look at the m-audio keystation.

Get some nice monitors/headphones too.

You can probably use the preamp out from the bugera (You have to have a cabinet plugged in still!!!), or if it has a DI out that'd be better, plug that into the interface. Youll need cabinet emulation still though.
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axe fx and reaper, or if you want to record from the amp then get a condensor mic with a usb input like the blue microphones yeti and then spend the rest of the rest of the money on a Multi-effects pedal/simulator. again, axe fx if you have the money and something like a zoom g3 or line 6 m13 if on a budget and use reaper to record. (im not sure how many built in instruments reaper has).