I'm looking for a new fuzz to create a wall of noise type of sound but i want to be able to hear the differentiation between chords, to an extent think MBV. I'm using a Wampler tape echo to thicken up the sound and a '65 deluxe reverb and a Big Muff Pi but this isn't really cutting it for me.

I've been looking at the Death by Audio Fuzz War but if anyone has recommendations it would save me a lot of trawling. I basically want a thick fuzz sound but still be able to hear the chords coming through.

What kind of Big Muff do you have? The standard USA Version sounds kinda muddy with the volume at halfway, but if you max the volume you can get a mid-boost and chords cut through better.
i'll give that a try and see if it cleans up at all, at 12 oclock it just doesn't seem to be cutting it for what i need and for the clarity
The standard muff is pretty lacking really.
Personally I'd recommend the Earthquaker Devices Hoof Fuzz. Spectacular muff variant, works great with chord work. Maybe something like a Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz.
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