Alright. I'm somewhat of a finger-style type guitarist. I can actually play the whole Sultans of Swing (solos and all) with my fingers, however my picking is lousy.
I can play solos like Comfortably Numb and Stairway to Heaven with a pick, but I can't play a riff like Snow(Hey Oh) or Fade to Black (with a pick), cause it is particularly difficult for me to string skip as well as play a lower string with an upstroke, after I have played a higher string with a downstroke etc.

Question is, I've been practicing a fair amount, things don't seem to be getting any better: Am I doomed? Or do I just need a helluva lotta practice?

Yeah, I'm sure that most of you are sick and tired of answering this question, sorry...
Thanks for any advice

Edit: I'm using a 1.4mm pick on an acoustic guitar, don't have an electric yet, getting one soon
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Read these to articles

- http://www.guitarlearningtips.org/guitar-technique/what-is-alternate-picking/

- http://www.guitarlearningtips.org/guitar-technique/alternate-picking-exercises/

Also take my free ebook and read the first 2 chapter in which and i talk about the process of becoming a guitar master.

Don't get scared it is perfectly normal to go thrugh you are going right now. Every guitar player experienced similar feelings.

Read the 2 chapters and you will be happy . By understanding what is the process of learning guitar, your frstrations and fear will go away because you will know what is to be done.

GOOD LUCK ! and happy practicing

There are some technique things that can provide small improvement. But yeah, helluva lotta practice. Are you lacking in speed or precision mainly?
Well, like apajr said, every guitar player experienced similar feelings. I'm experiencing the same thing you are right now, but it's slowly becoming easier with daily practice. You'll get used to string skipping over time, pm me if you want the exercises I used to help me. It's a bit difficult to practice alternate picking on an acoustic guitar so do try to aquire an electric soon. After you overcome string skipping, its just mostly practicing to build speed and more accuracy.
Well i will quote a good guitarist wich i can't remember who it was at the moment, but anyways.

"Alternate picking is easy to learn, but hard to master".

You are certainly not doomed, you just need to practice it.

The key to learn anything is not to stress and not to go for speed. Go for playing it clean and relaxed.

With that said, take something you want to learn and the play it as fast as you can. And that is as fast as you can play it CLEAN and RELAXED.

Clean and relaxed practice at your highest tempo will make it easier to play at higher tempos, you may or may not get results right away but it will help.

Hope i helped, good luck and keep practicing.
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There are some technique things that can provide small improvement. But yeah, helluva lotta practice. Are you lacking in speed or precision mainly?

precision when playing quickly, yeah... I feel that my upstrokes are weak when compared to my downstrokes