I have a Kramer that i've custom put together, and has sat in pieces over the past few years because of my confusion and lack of experience wiring up pickups.

Years ago I had this wired to use both passive, 2 EMG selects in the neck and middle position; and an active, EMG 89 in the bridge position.

It also has a volume control for the 89, that you can pop the knob for a decimal boost. Also, a volume control for the 2 EMG selects. Also a Tone knob, a 5-way pickup selector, and a Toggle On/Off switch.

I took this apart to refinish it years ago, and had some difficulty putting it back together...I need HELP.

I have most already wired...but I have the Input jack removed, which has 3 wires coming from it: black, red, and green...

I also have the connecting piece for the 9volt Battery for the EMG-89 separate from the wiring configuration. It has a black wire coming from it...

I also have two loose wires; one red coming from the EMG 89, and one blue coming from the boost volume pot. (pictured on bottom left of the attached photo)

I also have a loose red wire that I have no idea where that goes... (pictured on top left of the attached photo)

I have attached two photos of my pickguard...If someone can easily explain how this all needs to be put back together, I would be very appreciative!!!

If you can help me get my guitar back together and sounding good again: I would be happy to send you CD, shirts, etc from my band...Thank You!



Anyone know anything about this? Im trying to get on this project, so some professional insight would be handy...thanks.
ehm, active-passive in one guitar is never recommended but anyways,
first few questions: the toggle switch is suppossed to do what? and also is the tone know for all 3 pickups or only the 2 passives?