I need your help in getting a bass amp.. I don't know much about amps, at all. I don't have any rig currently, just a 15watt practice amp.

-I need something that I can play with people, including a drummer and for shows.
-Under $2,000
-For any sort of Metal or Hardcore. Bands like Cynic, The Faceless, and Chiodos are who I take the most influence from and I need something that can fit into those genres. Although not perfectly for each one, but definatly something that I can tinker around with to find a useable sound.
-Looking for a halfstack more than anything. I need a great head and decent cabs that I can upgrade later.

Give me some ideas, PLEASE! I'm dying to get a rig!


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Carvin 4x10 neo cab: $569
8U Carvin rack case: $129
Carvin 1000W Power amp: $319
Korg rack tuner: $200

$783 left over for a good tube preamp.

A good preamp is essential for a bass player.

You won't need to upgrade much of anything, but in the future you can get a power conditioner and compressor and such.