I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp and a Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 ebony
(and a squire strat (by fender) but i don't play it very often)

Now my "problem" is that i haven't found the perfect amp settings yet.
I play Punk/Punkrock/PopPunk, Grunge, Post-Hardcore and I also like nice clean sound.

Does anybody have very nice amp and/or pedal settings for my gear (fender hot rod deluxe, gibson les paul, boss ds-1pedal)
I'm interested in your settings either if they're not exact my musicstyle

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on my deville and blues junior i usually leave highs under noon, mids near full and bass at one or two o'clock. I used to play that with my Gretsch in a pop punk band a while ago and it sounded pretty good with the band. I don't like anything scooped though...
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Try here for better advice. I don't have an LP but I usually have my HRD with bass at about 4, mids at 7, treble at 7 and presence at about 2. I add a touch of reverb (but only about around 1) and it gives me a good clean with my Tele and Preacher (which is a bit like an SG). I usually leave it at that and have my drive around 3 or 4 and hit it with my Fulldrive Mosfet 2 to thicken it up. Either that or I leave it on clean and use the Fulldrive to make it crunchy and my Ultimate Octave for thick fuzz.

Good luck
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I usually use: Treble 6, Mid 7, Bass 7. Presence 4-5, very little reverb.

But I play Blues and Classic/Hard Rock. Mine is also retubed different than stock. I don't use the gain channel a lot, but when I do, I usually use it as a slight "OD" and then put a distortion on top of it, like a Kurt Cobain type sound. It helps smooth out the pedal and make it more natural sounding.

But, I hated the gain channel stock, doing a tube swap definately helped the gain channel. I went with a tube with slightly less gain in V2 (which relates to the gain channel).
Well for my funk tone I use Treble-4 Mids-7 Bass-10 but I use a strat. As stated a tube swap will help the gain channel get a little more push. I also put in a new speaker which also helped with the overall sound.

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