So I've come across one of these amps and all of my google searches came up at a blank. does anyone know anything about them? If they are actually guitar amps or what? And if they're any good. thanks
I have a tk50, the 50 watt keyboard amp, which is probably completely different but it probably gives an idea of the quality. It's alright for what it does (just as a power amp or else as a woofer for my makeshift hifi system) and the build quality is passable - not bespoke quality but reasonable value for money
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never heard of them

where are you seeing them?

A friend had it lying around and just gave it to me cause she had no use for it! old ans smelly and all the screws are brown with rust, but I tested it on a small speaker at low volumes and a mic (closest thing on hand) and it seemed pretty clear...

Think it's worth restoring and building a cab for it?