So I want to mix MIDI beats with real guitar + guitar looping and vocals for my live sets. My idea so far is to use the AKAI APC20 which comes with Abelton Live Light (this software can loop both MIDI and audio tracks).

Now, the issue is what audio interface should I use for my guitars and vox? I only need 2 inputs with easy to control gain levels and just 1 stereo out + headphone out (or 2 stereo outs, one of which will be routed to headphones).

Budget is under $300 AUS (don't mind buying second hand)

So far my ideas have been:

1) Native Instruments Kontrol 1 - This one seems best so far, a decent price + has a MIDI control functionality (however I am concerned as of whether this will conflict with the APC20, would it?

2) Presonus Firebox - Seems pretty chill.

3) Apogee Duet 2 - Seems pretty cool too but way too expensive

Remember, this is to be used LIVE so I don't need amazingly high sample rates etc, but must be practical to control (faders would be awesome, but probably out of price range). I suppose I could also use something that has shitty functionality and then run it through another mixing desk but I don't want to make things too complicated either.

Thoughts and recommendations?
Just got a Fast Track Pro like 2 weeks ago. It has 2 inputs (plus s/pdif i/o, midi i/o) with preamps for each input.
I use my mic and guitar on it at the same time and it works great.