Ok, what are some amazing "magical" licks to add in solos that will send shivers down someones spine?
I wouldn't say its a lick more like one note, the end of the solo in

Restless Soul by Hammerfall
And If you can count a whole song then
Big Sur Moon by Buckethead

But as the thread is asking for a lick then i'll say the end of the tapping part in
Temple of Hate by Angra (that lick is sick!)
Adam Jones' solo in Parabola always gives me chills, especially that little half-step pre-bend he does before going back to the root (the lick right before the pinch harmonics). Genius stuff.
The entire solo of Comfortably Numb. The whole time. Which is why its the best solo of all time (IMO)
Where's Waldo?
Practically anything that comes from a Children of Bodom solo
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There is a lick in Land of the New Rising Sun at the beginning that just about does it for me.
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I like to do that to but when i want to do somthing with talent i play something on my guitar that can do it but better, BTW thanks guys, these are all great solos and song! I appriciate it, i can really learn some new things from these
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The main riff from champagne supernova by oasis.
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maudlin of the well - blight of river systems

not guitar but there's one note in miles davis's solo on the original so what record where he anticipates the change from D to Eb (or the other way round? can't remember) and plays a note that sounds terrible in one key but perfect as the change happens. one of my favourite parts of the song
Pantera - Floods , i think it is one of the best solos i have ever heard .

I also also like some guitar solo work on All Sha Perrish - Price of existence album. I liked the way chris storey combined sweep picking, legata with melodically oriented solos
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