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New to the forum, but not guitars! I picked this baby up for $60 today on craigslist (hardshell case included!). It's a 1987 Epiphone S800 in metallic black. Sweet little guitar! Anyway, an Epi site states that this model came with one of three trem systems and I can't figure out which I have. It's either an Epiphone Bender (Bendmaster?), a Schaller Floyd Rose, or a Steinberger KB.

I know it isn't the Stein and I'm pretty sure it's not a Schaller. I have no idea what a Bender looks like. It has no markings on the bridge anywhere but it does say JINAH on the trem block. I'm pretty sure Floyd Rose used JINAH blocks.

So... any ideas?

Steinberger KB
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Quote by SilverchairFan
Steinberger KB

Really? Could be... but I was doing some research on other guitars that had Bendmasters and I found this... a Westone Dimension IV (I want one btw!!!) and the trem on it looks almost identical to mine. Thanks for the input!

Also... I'm pretty sure the Stein KB's from that time had a little locking switch/lever on the bottom of the bridge. This one doesn't have that.
I have an old B.C. Rich with this trem. It's a fulcrum style (think Fender) with knife edges and fine tuners. Mine was made by Kahler.
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Ok I'm convinced this is some kind of generic Epiphone two-point trem with fine tuning. I pulled it out and it has absolutely no markings of any kind except for the JINAH stamped in the block. I would think that were it a Stein, a Floyd Rose, or a Kahler, it would be branded somehow. Very strange but I'm going with the Epiphone Bender or a low-end Bendmaster...
I used to have a Charvel with that single locking trem. They branded it a CH-120. Other manufacturers may call it something else.
That's a Steinberger... you can tell by the locking lever... pretty close though

[edit] oh wait, my bad... thant's a Fender logo! LOL very close then!
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