frOme city blocks, Ferris sits;
tarantula. Spindling legs, his calf whiskers
in anticipation for wide-eyes and open mouths.
Hoarse voice like throat fraction, tires
skid slick on fresh silk pink, then. Shut eyes.
paws with mawing close mist like blood. where the rain steeps
in blood, where lay quiet in the fire pits.

Fraail, skkid tirres. Betwain sttackks of my other Others,
Ffraail people. Ferris Spiders. Dim corpse in fire pits,
lay quiet in fire pits. Lay quiet in raining house, holes
in the tin. No, the last year. When her fingers bone
lay quiet in the fire pits.

I stack or drove sunk with my
,maw in the pit in the pit where my maw in the pit
like we were shitty friends and we drank
something scourge rough andugly
rum sucking out therum, Ferris was hollowed
and sucking out therum, from
Ferriss' bodies of our corpses we would
find in the gutters. Rum through our straws.
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Surrealism bro, look it up. It's subjective, not objective. It's Freudian.
I don't think I'm anywhere near Picasso, but thanks Blake, haha.

I don't take these things too seriously. I appreciate you reading it man. Shoot me a link I'll hit you back.

Well, for what it's worth, I wasn't saying you're on the level of writing that Picasso was on with painting; not that you're not good at it... I was more or less saying that's what you're well known for as Picasso was well known for his work when no one else did it like him.

Kneeways, I've got two pieces floating around currently, I guess I'd prefer you took a look at the newer one, which can be found here : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1488432
First off, I love surrealism.

Having said that, I think this just shows the inherent problem I have with it, which is that anybody can just write down the weirdest shit that pops into their head and call it "art" by claiming it's surrealism.
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It's not weird in my opinion. They're things that I fixate on. Like I told Blake, it's Freudian. To me the meaning is inherent because, objectively, I find meaning in the imagery.

To others it could be nonsense, but if you take time and apply personal meaning to what I've said, it lends itself to interpretation.
Once this picks up steam, it flows beautiful. Aesthetically, "lay quiet in fire pits" is a very nice phrase.

Me likey.
Today I feel electric grey
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