So last time I changed by strings was about a month ago when I went out of town and got Earnie Ball Coated Power Slinkys.

The wound strings are still in pretty great shape, but the unwound already turned brown and had this guck shit over then that I had to wipe off. What's up with that? It says on the package that the unwound strings have titanium protection or something.

What does that mean? It seems like it pretty much did nothing, if not made them worse than regular strings.

Has anyone ever tried those new Cleartone strings? How good are they? I want strings with the tone lasting great for a long time. It says on their site that the coating doesn't break off after a while like regular coated ones do, and that the unwound strings are also coated.
Can someone please chip in on this?
Cleartone strings are actually quite good. Their coating is much thinner than those on, say, Elixir or DR (this is especially true of their bass strings. Early Elixir bass strings used to shed like a rattlesnake shedding its skin). They have a good sound, last for a long time and give a good sustain on bent notes. The only drawback - at least around where I live - is that they tend to be a bit on the pricey side.
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Thank you for the post. I looked at amazon and they're only 10-15 dollars which isn't bad compared to other coated strings. Free shipping too.
I'm not a fan of coated strings, I bought a pack of Elixers about 6 yrs ago broke a string in literaly 30 mins of playing. I'll never use them again. Nickel wound all the way.
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I had a pack of the Cleartone Drop C strings (13-65). they lasted a damn long time. 9 months or something crazy like that? and that was to get them to the point where it had as much grime as a regular set that had been used for 2 months. though I did try and clean my strings regularly, so that had to help
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i'm a fan of cleartones. i have them on a couple electric guitars right now and they feel good. i've used them for about 3 years off and on. they don't feel coated to me and they last a fair while longer than the DRs or Dunlops i'd otherwise buy.

and i don't mind the coated strings but only use the elixirs on my acoustic. i don't mind the flakey or softer feel on the acoustic, it's kinda cool. some people hate it though. nanowebs actually have an oily feel to them to me and flake a bit more. i don't get that as much from the polywebs so i use the polywebs. on acoustic that is.
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My hands sweat easily and it causes the strings to rust pretty fast.
My last set were 12-56 and it lasted over a year, but it sounded like crap obviously. I can't afford to get strings all the time so I'm looking for long lasting ones.