Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my '89 Strat Plus. It's been modified a little, both by me and the previous owner. The current specs are the usual for a Strat Plus of that year, with a few exceptions.

The mods are a Tremsetter, an LSR Roller Nut as opposed to the original Wilkinson. The bridge pickup has been replaced by an older Seymour Duncan Custom, with a coil split, while the neck and middle are the original Gold Lace's.

Comes with OHC, the Wilkinson nut, tremolo arm and has overall been treated very well. Also comes with an Ibanez strap and Straplocks.

Now, some pics, apologies for the average quality.


Asking for $1500 plus postage. If any Aussies in the Canberra region and are interested, you're perfectly willing to come try this out for yourself.

I've also got an MXR 6 band EQ ($85), an MXR Micro Flanger ($100) and an EHX Metal Muff ($80) for sale. All pedals come with hook velcro on the back.

I'll consider all reasonable offers, and I'm willing to do trades, though I really would prefer cash. If you've got something to offer though, run it by me, worst I can say is no. In regards to trading the guitar, only things I'm not interested in are Alder bodies, rosewood fretboards and single coils.

(Also all prices in AUD)