Falling back into the sheets
As I wait I start to think
Something can't come from nothing
But something always comes in time

I tried my hardest not to
But I tripped right over the line
Falling hard has it's advantage
But there's no floor to hit this time

And now all is lost
And I'm to ashamed
To walk any closer
Even though you're the same
I wish I could blame you
But the fault is mine
I just wanted it
To be perfect this time

And I wish that you knew better
Than to believe those lies
If it were just me and you
There'd be no tears in those eyes

If only I could just tell you
Without causing a fight
I'd just let you know just how much
Sleep I've been losing all these nights

It seems you were just lying there
With your head on my chest
And now you're walking away
And now you're walking away
It seemed you were so aware
Perhaps I was lost in your stare
But now you're walking away
And now you're running away

And it was so picture perfect
The thought of you and I
But now it seems so distant
Cut and left to die
And now the drugs are failing
These ****ing walls are shaking
It seems sanity escapes me
For the last time
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Pretty cool man. I like how the character unravels as you read through it.

Is this meant as poetry, or do you plan to put music to this?
People don't really go to heaven when they die. They're taken to a special place and burned - Sherlock Holmes

Your authority is not recognized in Fort Kickass!

It's not like bullshit, more like poetry.
We actually just finished up writing all the music to it and we're supposed to try it with vocals and everything next practice.