OK, so i had Fender Custom Texas Special Pickups given to me, and with the knowledge that Squire stratocasters often have necks compareable to full priced Fender Strats, that i would simply replace the pickups. Poor mans epic strat right? i need to know though which these would work in. Im sorry for my ignorance I just dont know alot about fender products, although i love the sound of these pickups! I just want a guitar that sounds great and i dont care how it looks, so the cheaper the better. Any ideas what to get, or any suggestions?
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They will work in any guitar. I think there are 3 kinds of Squier strats: Bullet, Affinity, and Standard; priced from low to high.

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My squire has a great neck, and with Seymour Duncans in it, it sounds as good as it plays. Check things like the wood of the body, the grain of the neck (a straight, even neck, with a nice straight grain, and no bad frets), and the design of the bridge (if it has 2 screws, that's good). New tuners are a good call as well.

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The Squier Classic Vibe line is, I think, one of the best values in Fender-style guitars. They're one of the more expensive Squier products, but they're still reasonable at 350 new. That's what I'd get, especially if you can find a used one.

Keep in mind that the pickups aren't going to turn a crap guitar into one that sounds like a Custom Shop. The body wood and construction make a big difference, too. You can find a good Squier that can sound great with a nice setup, but don't expect to throw those pickups into a Bullet and have it sound like an American (or even a Mexi, really) strat.
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But a Squier, try to play it first though, check the frets and neck. The body wood matters very minimally once you've plugged in. :flamesheild:
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I have a black Affinity with a 2 piece Alder body that I bought a set of American Standard pickups for, I can tell you it makes a night and day difference on these! And a few days ago I scored a set of EMG SA's for dirt cheap and threw them in there, it sounds like a top quality instrument for way less than an actual Fender Strat.

There's a few problems though, the Squiers have a pretty narrow string spacing and the pole pieces won't line up under the strings on the neck pickup. It cuts some of the bass output because of so, but it still sounds full. Just fair warning . Oh, and mine was loaded with 500K pots, you might want to swap them for 250K to tame the harshness a bit.
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