I asked a while ago about choosing between two guitars, an Epiphone Les Paul PRO/FX (for its tremolo, coilsplitting, and wood) and the PRS SE Custom 24 (and then coilsplitting it). I was cruising around the internet today and found another cool guitar, the Fender Blacktop Stratocaster, which has tremolo and coilsplitting. Now, between these THREE, what would you say would have the best value?

If you've ever tried any of these, I'd love a firsthand opinion.
I think coil splitting is over-rated personally, had it on 2 of my guitars.

out of those, I'd pick the PRS. but haven't played one.
Which one do you like Best???

Ok, I'm editing this because I didn't want it to sound "Flippent"

I ask the question because for me to answer that question, I'd be buying the guitar for me and my sound, and the style of music I play. Splitting coils I think would add to the different sounds that I could make and it would make the guitar more versitile, especially if your in a cover band and play a lot of different Artists.

How do they feel... Not talking about strings under fingers. I'm talking about how does the guitar make you feel when you play it. I've had to play Stevie Ray Vaughan with a Les Paul, not a good feeling for me, because it doesn't sound like it should, perhaps if I could have split the coils, I could have gotten more of a "Strat" sound... By the same token, a strat just doesn't have the guts to play AC/DC and sound like AC/DC... BUT.. I've got a Guitar that I'll play anything with, and it just makes me feel good playing it... my band mates don't like it because it doesn't sound like "them"(which is important to them...) but in the moment, I could care less.. that guitar makes me feel good to play..

so.. when I say "Which one do you like best?" Your style/level of play and how the instrument feels is every bit as important as the technical aspects, and one guy can get sounds out of a guitar simply using technique that another guy can't get with all the technology in the world...

There ya go. Again.. My $0.02
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Okay, well, I'm not partial to Strats anyways, so suppose the best idea is probably to just go try out the other two.