I used to have a Fender Supersonic 60w combo that was far too much power for my needs, which is primarily practicing at home (apartment) and the occasional jamming with friends. I actually really liked it, but the thing was loud on like .5 volume. Not too loud for me, but too loud for the neighbours.

Since then I've been experimenting with various low wattage amps (Blackstar HT5, Vox AC4TV, Jet City Picovalve, Orange Tiny Terror, etc). I also looked into the VHT Special 6 Ultra but never tried it, as I heard a lot of bad things about the company. I also found the overdrive/distortion to be very fizzy, but I've only seen the amp in demo videos. These amps are all pretty okay, but I find them all to be one trick ponies that lack many of the features I would want in a permanent amp.

I actually have the HT5 right now, but I have a love/hate relationship with it most days. Sometimes I get what I think is a pretty nice tone out of it, sometimes I just don't feel inspired to play through it. I don't really care much for the "cleans" either. I pretty much view it as a good idea, but only on paper. Also not fully tube either, as I'm sure many people are eager to point out. It sounds decent for what it is.

So what I'm looking for?

- An amp head (I used to do combo, but I have a great little Avatar 2x12 that I'd like to continue using now). The cab is 16 ohm so there needs to be a 16 ohm output or switchable.

- Preferably 30w or less. It's pretty much going to be loud no matter what, I understand that. Wattage doesn't matter as much as you think, but I'd still prefer to go lower if at all possible. Maybe something I can turn up past one?

- I'd like the amp to have fantastic cleans. I really like both Fender and Vox cleans. Those real chimey, bright sounding ones. The reason I want good cleans first and foremost is because I'd like to try getting my distortion from a pedal this time around. So many amps in the past I've found the preamp distortion to be unpleasant and poweramp is impossible to get without ear splitting volumes or compromising tone with an attenuator (generally).

- I'd also like an effects loop. I know a lot of people roll their eyes at this one, but running effects like delay, reverb, etc out front just sounds bad to me. Really muddies up the sound. Especially if you're running a distortion or clean boost at the beginning of the chain. This is the thing that's preventing me from getting a lot of amps, otherwise I'd probably go for a Vox AC30HW.

I'll look at anything, but I'd prefer $1,500 or less to be honest. Genres this will be used for would be classic hard rock/some modern, some metal (mostly old school thrash), then clean stuff and bluesy stuff which is another reason it's good to have nice cleans.

Sorry for the wall of text, just wanted to get as much information in as I could.

you know you don't get a prize or anything for turning the volume up past one.
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I know usually mentioning Line 6 gets flamed but you could look at the DT25 head. Failing that an Egnater Rebel 30
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carvin v3m is worth looking into, extremely versatile and has an obligatory 4/8/16 ohm switch as well as 7/22/50 watt adjuster.
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Egnater Tweaker?
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Just get a Champ and plug it into a nice 2x12 cab. You don't need an effects loop because it isn't a master volume amp. If you want great cleans at home you aren't going to beat a Fender Champ. The Champ 600 really needs modding to get the most out of them but even without modding they are good.
Or you could go for a VHT Classic 6.
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Well at least your specific even if you make it a bit hard to find that set-up exactly, but I would check out Peavey orTraynor if your looking for something with good cleans on the Sub $1300 mark.

Finding a head that fit's all those needs will be pretty tough, a combo not so much and you could always modify it to work as a head yourself.

\: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/guitar_amplifiers/traynor/ycs50_combo/index.html - This guy fills pretty much every requirement you asked for except that it's a combo, however if you really want a head you can just modify the cab and turn it into a head. It is technically a 50 Watt but it has a 15-watt mode as well for bedroom levels.

Peavy Dela Blues 210 - This is a combo again, but it has everything you asked for the speaker is a 10 inch so this should make it a tad quieter.
Ya know if your not gigging you don't even need a tube amp especially if you live in an apartment. You should buy a valvetronix combo and I would get the 1x12 if you aren't playing with a drummer. It's all you need
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Egnater Tweaker?

This actually got me looking and I think the Egnater Rebel 30 looks pretty nice.

Anyone got any opinions on them?
The Rebel 30 is really good for cleans -> rock. My opinion the metal sounds was kinda meh. Not exactly a chugging metal tone but it was ok.
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