Oh my dicks, this is cool. You boys have a truly bitchin' sound on yo hands. You need some vocals now, because despite your songs' complexity, I don't think there's enough going on there to get away without vocals.

EDIT: Silly me, I only listened to the Youtube link. You actually do have vocals. They're pretty good, although not overly original. You should get a singer with a really strange, crazy voice. That's be cool.
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wow thanks guys appreciate the props , i'll definitely check out your music as well man and yeah those vids without the vocals were made around the time we started the band so we didn't quite have lyrics written, our drummer actually sings/drums live now and has a pretty crazy range from death growls to orchestrated vocalist haha and now we got the album on itunes so all is rollin well!
not much to do in this small frozen desolation at the end of the road except jam and play retro games lol
This is ridiculously cool, The singer has a sort of punk/Disturbed voice, and the transitions between blues and proggy stuff is wicked. Great job guys