Hi guys. I was just after a little help. I've just bought an Ibanez ARZ 700 that I'm loving but I've just noticed that one of the nuts from the bridge is missing. I've had a hunt online but I have no idea where to look to buy a replacement. If anyone can point me in the direction of somewhere I could pick one up that would be amazing.

Cheers guys

You can look through his inventory and perhaps get a part number. I'm sure you could email him and he'll have an idea where to look.

It's probably just a common metric nut. Just take it to it to home depot and see if you can find something similar.
It's just a hex nut. You can get those at hardware stores. Take the bolt post with you and make sure you get the right size for it.
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Thanks for the suggestions.

Buying a nut from a hardwear store was my plan B but because it's brand new I wanted to replace it with the exact same part.

Does anybody have any ideas of any uk sites that might be worth trying?