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what do C4C mean?
Like comment for comment or something?
I did it, but I don't expect anything in return
Thanks. Comment for Comment, exactly.
Just post your link in here and I'll comment directly on youtube (or whatever site), if you want
no need for that.
I just commented because I find your video very amusing.
Quote by Sean Ashe
I hate Metallica, but you did an excellent job, actually made it listenable for me


C4C :

My thoughts exactly.

You made the song very listenable on piano and played it with great feeling, how long have you played for? Keep it up, well done.

C4C: or suscribe if you'd like
First off, I don't see how you can hate Metallica. They're a GREAT band, you can't deny that they have a lot of talent. Second, the cover is petty good. I wouldn't say that it wasn't spot on but more like you were playing a sort of variation of the song.
It's amazing! I love piano covers of songs like these. I have just started playing piano, and your playing really inspires me to become better.
Hope to see more videos. Subscribed.


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@skullface66: Thanks dude! The fact that I'm fading into "To Live Is To Die" in the end emphasizes your point. Its not meant to be "as close to the original as possible" - i always tend to put my own flavor into it making it "my version" And I'm glad you liked it
@MaddMann274 Thanks so much! It's an honor to know that my cover version inspired you! And Btw, I listened to your great Black Sabbath cover. LOVELY! Love the original and your version as well. Thanks once again for your comments.
@Ali Mac: Thanks a lot, mate! Been playing since I was a kid really, which makes it about 20 years on and off. I had a teacher for about 7-8 years. I haven't been playing much for the last couple of years, but lately I've got back the interest

Apparently, the links you attached in your last comment are dead ??!! Got a 404 on the first one and a "bad format" on the other one. Do you have another link, please?
I thought it was pretty great tbh. Piano is the most beautiful instrument imo and you seemed to nail the song, like it was nearly meant for piano originally.
@False_God: Thanks mate - I appreciate that! Cheers!

@Jgomez26: First off, thanks for your feedback. Nice to hear! I heard your great Comf. Numb cover and added a few words on it on youtube. Thanks again, dude!
I love the original song but your cover is better, more awesome, more wonderful. You are amazing. It's very hard and you have a very good feeling. That's perfect !
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@skullface66: Thanks dude!

I'm a girl not a guy. -_- But i'm ok with you calling me a dude. I'm not one of those girls where they're obnoxious feminists
@skullface: Haha, sorry about that Guess the username fooled me :P The piano is a "Technics SXPX 222".

@Animadversion, MagicGuitarist & TechnicolorType: Thank you all so much!! You certainly brought a smile to my face
amazing! i commented on youtube
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fantastic cover dude, dont really like the original song, but this was very enjoyable.
Marty Friedman is GOD!

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damn J-Metal, why you so awesome

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Hey man, left you a message at youtube, liked it and subbed...

If you think that I made a good review of your work, would you be so kind of checking out my work?
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Hey MrArarat. Apparently, your message wasn't saved by youtube (nor your sub). Can you repost it, please?

C4C on its way
Amazing! But I think you should have covered the second solo too xD
Anyway, I love piano, and I was looking forward to learning it, but I didn't because I don't have one at home to practice. I could have a keyboard, I guess, but I'm already doing guitar and singing lessons XD

You did an amazing job on it, I really liked it, no complaints here. Great work
Hey man, that was really well done. You put a lot of heart into that and clearly showed. It was a joy to listen to and like anyone else listening I'd give you a 10/10 on that. It was really cool hearing a song like Master Of Puppets on piano. Fantastic job. Theres a link to my Youtube channel in my sig, id appreciate any thoughts you could give me

rollingstones & shenkeey: Thank you for your comments, guys - much appreciated!

Comments on your songs will follow shortly - and best of luck regarding the conservatory, shenkeey.

Thanks man! I really hope I get accepted! Keep making those videos, they rock
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