So this is my first post in hopes that you're all responsive and helpful. Honestly I've never posted on forums like this before asking for opinions. In any case I'm wondering if you guys think I should make this deal. I've been dying to find an emperor cab SOMEWHERE. Finally a good guy is selling his and he's willing to trade my black tolex 2x12 Orange including an addition 150 dollars, for his 2x12 Emperor cabinet ( if you don't know who emperor is..shame on you ) in any case I already have a 4x12 orange but it's not in black tolex. Just wanting some input from you guys. And the 2x12 is also 16 ohms so I can plug it in to play with my 4x12. I'm just worried the sound won't be right for me. Help me out please guys thanks!
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Anyone? Please help me out. For short : Should I trade my Orange - Black Tolex 2x12 for an Emperor 2x12 Cabinet. Thanks again
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Obviously you've considered the speaker differences you'll have.

Not sure what makes him say this is obvious... You have considered haven't you? The Orange has V30s I believe... What's in the Emporer?
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Unless its electronic drums.

Wait, so he's giving YOU $150 or you're giving HIM $150?

They are both worth a similar price, if you're adding money, I wouldn't do it. Soundwise, I think the Emperor is a better cab, but not $150 better.
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

^ i agree with MC.

and unloaded emperor cabs aren't that pricey actually.

i found that out when i bought mine, and i already had the speaker.

i'd discuss the cost of an unloaded 212 from emperor directly, and consider selling off your orange 212 unloaded. if you like your speakers of course.

just another thought.
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