Poll: Who played it clean and good?
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Gibson_SG_uzr55 = About A Girl - Nirvana
6 29%
SquierLolz = Misery Business - Paramore
15 71%
Voters: 21.
Simple yet concise. A song's difficulty is not the basis of a guitarist's skill.

So who played clean?

Gibson_SG_uzr55 = About A Girl - Nirvana
SquierLolz = Misery Business - Paramore

I voted on the actual quality of the recording...
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gibsonuzr's had a really abruptness moment at the start of the first chorus, voted for squierlolz cause it had the errr bells and whistles. Plus I had paramore bias.

Different styles of music, different techniques, different recording methods.
Tests should have the same conditions to be said fair. Doesn't really matter in this circumstance as both play the piece just right anyway.
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