I have just performed mods on my Crybaby, including adding an LED and True bypass.
It all works fine but the wah is a little too vocal now. Think of the solo in Queen's "I want to break free", it sounds more synth like. Also at the top of the sweep (pedal "up"), the signal almost cuts out, then the volume comes back in as the pedal goes down.

Which components are the most likely to affect these elements?

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What other mods did you do? The Sweep Capacitor can have a profound effect, and also the resistor that is parrallel to the inductor changes vocal quality. Too high and its more Woh like. 68k seems to be what people like there, I switch between 68K(Wah) and 100K (Woh).

You can also adjust the sweep of the pedal by changing your position on the potentiometer. I find that stock Crybaby's work best with their stock position, but when you get into modding, then it needs adjusting.
Ok, I changed the sweep cap for a 0.022uF, and put a 47k resistor in the parallel position.
Maybe I should have gone with the other popular value 68K?

What's the way to adjust the travel so the heel down doesn't go so quiet? It almost works like a volume pedal in that part of the travel.
You should change the 390ohm resistor first. Once the buffer is removed for the True Bypass, you lose a bit of volume, especially in certain point. Change that 390ohm down to 330ohm, that pumps more volume to Q1. Also change that 68k resistor (for the input signal) to 39k. That allows more signal into the pedal = more volume.

And actually, if 47k sounds too vocal in there, you may want to lower that value, possibly back to stock.

To change the sweep, you loosen that screw holding in the white piece of plastic that is sitting against the Pot's post. Loosen it, turn it to the side and then you are free to adjust the pot's gear to a different position. Everyone likes something a little bit different here, so there is really no guideline to what position you want, just experiment.


Check that thread out, particularily post 40. Good info.
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