Ok. So I 've been trying to start my new band for the past two months but to no avail. Finding musicians has been a bit of b**** as the ones i know are either a) totally unreliable or b) just do not want pursue music as a career.

I'm 20 and live in horley, surrey which is in between London and Brighton so i'm to venture each way if that is the case, but maybe edging nearer to London. My influences include: Arctic Monleys, The Smiths, The Libertines, The Clash, Kula Shaker, Miles Kane, The Computers, The Kinks, to name a few.

So far it's me on guitar (i've been playing for 7 years) and my mate Liam on drums. So i'm looking for a vocalist, and a bassist. Maybe another guitarist that can do both rhythm and lead, we'd just swap around on songs etc. So far i've been writing my own material for a good year or so and I have also been in a few bands before that have done gigs and such so I am no stranger to live performances.

If interested reply here or send me a PM.
Or email me on whats_the_story13@hotmail.co.uk

I am just looking to start a band with like minded musicians who want to pursue a career in music!
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