Hi everyone,

I've been playing guitar for 4 years and my dad has said I can get a new one ( and an amp ) but I have no idea what to get! Please can someone advise me as I seem to be the only guitarist in my year who has an electric and no one else knows.

All help would be apprechiated!

Thanks ( Sorry if this is in the wrong place, first post on UG)

We're going to need to know your budget, location as well as what kind of music/sound you're looking to play
I live in Scotland, I play rock (all of it really, Linkin Park,MCR, Green Day, Muse ect..) The budgets around £500 for the guitar and £250 for the amp
Squier Classic Vibe or maybe a Epi Les Paul (idk how much they are over there.)
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You should really spend at least half of your budget on the amp, as it really is the core of your tone.
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Buy a Squier Classic Vibe Strat, and a Valveking, problem solved.

Though I would say more along the lines of these 2
Thanks for all your replies, but I probably should have mentioned I have a Strat already, but thats cool.
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Linkin Park
Green Day

Love those bands too! I'd say go for an Epi LP or a a used gibby studio or sg. Try them out first and before anyone mentions that the studios are overpriced, they are better than the epiphones. Well, except maybe the ultras. Get a good tube amp. Maybe a blackstar ht-1 or 5 or a used jet city?

Brad and Mike (from linkin park) use PRS guitars and sometimes strats, MCR uses sgs or lps, armstrong uses lp, muse uses teles? I think. Your best bet is to go for something with humbuckers especially since you have a strat. And a good OD pedal to boost for some of the green day and linkin park dirtier stuff.
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Thanks everyone! I found a Epiphone Les Paul Classic for £360. Does anyone know if its good? (If it is then my amp budget just went to £400)
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Thanks everyone! I found a Epiphone Les Paul Classic for £360. Does anyone know if its good? (If it is then my amp budget just went to £400)

If you look carefully on the video for I'm Not Okay by MCR, you'll see Ray Toro is playing an Epiphone Les Paul. Look at the headstock during the solo, I think. That guitar will do fine.
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New Problem. My dads said my guitar can't be more than £250 MAX!!
Now I really need help

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look at Vintage guitars, as good as Epiphone, but cheaper where your at.
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Will he let you go used?

And do you have a brand/shape/neck profile preference?
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Yeah he's fine with second hand =) And I prefer les pauls

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You might want to consider this, made in China like, but I'd generally take a Tokai over an Epiphone at any given price point.