Hey there guys,

I own a std am Telecaster, fantastic thing, yet I'd like to make one small modification. I prefer the neck of my guitar pointing more diagonally up instead of pointing horizontally sidewayish, and so my question is if it would hurt to relocate the top strap button so that it is closer to the neck and body. So basically I'd be moving it down as seen from above when you're standing, if that makes ANY sense at all...do you guys reckon this might help me out?

Also, I've seen pictures of an additional strap button at the bottom, about right in the middle of the body's curve. I wondered what the purpose is for such a mod, to make it more steady?

Cheers for any advice!
I think I know what you mean, and yes. changing the strap button location will help you out there. obviously you'll be left with a hole if you remove the old one, which mean you may have to think of a way to conceal it.

I'm not sure what you mean about the other strap button though..could you show a picture?
Thanks for the response, I'll give it a try. About an image, i was just skimming around the web and saw it somewhere, I'm not sure if I can find it again...I'll take a look right now.

EDIT: and thinking about it, would it perhaps be better to shift the bottom button up instead of the top button? You'd still have the neck weight working against it, which is why I guess the top button is more suitable, but any hole might be less obvious that way...thoughts?
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