Hey everyone. Having been mostly a solo artist, I was recently (about 2 months ago) invited to join a local band called Ergo, I. We are a three piece and recently endeavored to record one of our songs called "Camero". I'd be interested to hear some feedback on the quality of the recording before we go passing it around to everyone.


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I wouldn't call myself an expert, but it all sounds good to me - definitely liked the song. The only criticism I've got is the voice over bit at the beginning (Oh baby girl etc) - I didn't think it was necessary, but if you want to leave it there it should probably be much quieter, at the moment it's far too loud for the rest of the song.

Random fact: the guy in the middle of the pic reminded me a bit of the British comedian, Rufus Hound.

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Yeah I reacted to the baby girl thing too! But you know, it's this kind of goofy shit that keeps songs up in the charts for weeks. And I'm sure that I'll remember it for a while, so good move there I guess even though it probably was unintentionally hilarious.

Now, song wise - the vocals were just a bit too high in the mix, it sounds like you completely cranked down the low mids during mastering, the bass drum is almost completely drowned out too. It had a very nice gritty feel too it and sounded really "dirty", which perfectly captured the title. Made me see images from Mad Max in my head :P

The message of the song, the guitars and the overall sound kinda reminded me of this awesome song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfBWWb-bMok was it a conscious influence?

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