This is the second track off of the album I've been recording over the past two weeks. I was deciding whether to post this one or the newest one that I finished yesterday, but I kinda like this one more

The same problem from the last song I posted is present here as well, with excessive amounts of fuzz on the distortion effect.

Anyways, let me know what you think of the song/mixing/stuff! And C4C as per usual

I picked track 2 to listen to because usually the second track of an album is the best one. I feel like it could be mastered better, but musically it's really great. It was easy to listen to and concentrate on. It kind of put me in a trance, and not just any song is able to do that for me. I actually kind of like the excessive fuzz on the distortion on this track. It adds to the character of the track.
Oh, and you already commented on one of my tracks, so I was returning the favor. No need to comment on any tracks on my page because the ones on my page are really old.
I had been listening to Tangerine Dream earlier on youtube today. When I was listening to this track for a second I thought it was TD. This could have easily been one of their songs. I have no issues with the tone or the mix. IMO, if you had done a fade at the end it would have been better.

I think this one is my favorite out of your set. Well done!
Tangerine Dream eh? I've never listened to them before, I'll have to check them out! And are you talking about a fade before or after the last strummed chord?

And this was probably my favorite until I recorded Solstice, which to this point is still my favorite out of the 5 I've done.