So I was talking with a luthier about a Kramer project I'm thinking of doing and we got on routing and OFRs... He said I could get flush mouth and recessed (obviously) but then he mentioned a top mounted (that could dive and pull up)... I watched a video from a guy at Dean's NAMM booth talk about them, but haven't heard much else...

So is this like a floating trem (up and down movement) but without digging into the wood as much to install? Does it have less/equal/more sustain than normal floating Floyds? And do I hae to buy or do anything different, like will a standard OFR work on it without having to buy anything more?

Thanks in advance guys
originally FR's were top mounted on Kramers and other guitars. they had only a bit of pull up which is why later the rear route was done. flush mounting helps with lower action and facilitates the rear route as well.
So if I get the top mounted rout instead of the recessed, what would the differences be?
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So if I get the top mounted rout instead of the recessed, what would the differences be?

Very little movement in pulling up (increasing pitch). Most top mounts are dive-only.
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my wolfgang is dive only. its what i use mostly anyway, but i do have a full floating bridge too on a different guitar. they both have their uses.
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it's where it sits up at an angle on the guitar and has an angled neck pocket to compensate, if I'm thinking of the same thing he is.

they're a pain in the ass, go with flat mount or recessed.


that or it's the one where it's mounted like it would be if it were flat mount but a small bit of wood is routed out from underneath the bridge, in which case that's a pretty decent solution but you might as well just get full recessed if you want to go that route.
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