Two Penn State students, dressed as Virginia Tech shooting victims, at a Halloween party have enraged people from the Virginia Tech community, as well as the entire country. It only took a couple of idiots from Penn State to detract from all the great things the student body did after the trajedy.


Too soon?

But seriously, as a resident of Virginia and having close ties with the Virginia Tech community, I'm appalled. Discuss.
Poor taste, but it's a free country.
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dunno, it's just not funny :/
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I wouldn't do something like this personally, but at the same time I feel like people should focus their anger elsewhere.

That said I obviously had no ties to the events or it's victims, so I dunno.
As mentioned in the article,

what about all the other costumes that are in bad taste and posted on facebook? Also, sending death threats to someone dressed up as your murdered fellow student means the lesson went over your head.
Why do the PC brigade jump on everything? It's their choice, get a sense of humour and don't take things so seriously. unless you were personally shot or lost a family member then you shouldn't really be offended.

It was the same as when Prince harry dressed as a nazi , WW2 was 60 years ago...jesus christ.

Im dressing as a dead madeleine mccann this year just for the PC mob.
Who ****in cares?
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If only you could back that statement up.
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obviously these guys were just too cheap to actually buy a costume, so they just put on a v tech t shirt, splashed some taco bell fire sauce on from the night before and went to the party. Yeah, maybe bad taste, but it's freedom of speech and they aren't hurting anyone. get over it. People dress up as hitler every year and it doesn't make it on the news.
So what? People take things too seriously, and they get pissed over nothing. Can someone honestly tell me a well thought out argument for NOT doing what they did? I mean, sure it might be in bad taste, but it's what they wanted to do, so let them do it, it's only a Halloween costume.
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Look.... it's funny, the same way jokes about the holocaust are funny. But at the same time, it hasn't been quite as long.... I'll give a "ha ha awww "
on a similar topic, would it be a bad idea to go to halloween party next week dressed as Colonel Gaddafi?
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it's like they have no respect for the victims of this horrible trajedy.
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on a similar topic, would it be a bad idea to go to halloween party next week dressed as Colonel Gaddafi?

People will just think you're dressing up as Carlos Santana or something.

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on a similar topic, would it be a bad idea to go to halloween party next week dressed as Colonel Gaddafi?

People seem pretty happy that he's dead so I doubt anyone is going to react with outrage.
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Yes it's bad taste, yes people will get offended, but you can't stop them doing it.
If anyone wanted to face them in a bar, and drop them though, that wouldn't be too much to ask. It's surprising how little of that actually happens, given the amount of controversial costumes that come out at halloween.
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on a similar topic, would it be a bad idea to go to halloween party next week dressed as Colonel Gaddafi?

Maybe if you went down to the Libyan embassy...
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I'm more offended by the fact they're already celebrating Halloween.

It's like two weeks away, fucktards!

EDIT: Was this article written by a 16 year old teenage girl?
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