Does anybody have any feedback on illumunated guitar picks?
I seen these SCLW (Santa Cruz Light Wells) illuminated picks on You Tube that has a metronome and flash with replacable tips and a Fire Pick LED that lights up when the strings are touched, just wondering if anybody has seen these before or used them?

Here is the links:


i would rather be able to play well than look like a jackass with a massive glow in the dark pick.
It would be a cool addition to a psychedelic band's show.
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Play a guitar with light pups, pickguard, inlays and knobs with these at a pink floyd show... general bad trip.
Part of me is giggling at the thought of Pantera playing a set with the lights off just so Dimebag could dance around while playing with that pick.

But really, it’s fücking ridiculous. You would have to play very dark venues for anybody to spot a glowing pick from past the third or fourth row. And the rest of the band might get a little pissed about not being able to see anything.
Not sure if advertising or just really dumb first post on UG........
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novelty crap. it's cool if you're playing a pitch black venue where the entire audience is five feet away from you.
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I remember trying these at a trade show when they first came out, they're WAY too thick to be comfortable to hold, it feels like you're playing with your pick dispenser instead of your pick lol.
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