Hey guys, a lot of times, when reading the specs of a certain guitar model, i see these terms^^^^. Basically, i just wanna know what the difference is between them, and the pros/cons (if any) of each. Thanks for your time!!! -DeathShredder
It means that it is made of 1, 3, or 5 pieces of wood

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Some guitar necks are made out of seperate pieces of wood. You can usually notice the seperate pieces if you look close enough. I believe that the less pieces there are, the more sustain the guitar has. I could be wrong about that though.
The more pieces it uses, the more stable it will be. Some necks can go 50 years without warping, others can't you won't know until it happens. A multilaminate neck is multi pieces of wood bound to each other, so if one wants to warp, and the others are stable, it will be held straight.

Some people claim it affects tone/resonance. I don't think so.
It also depends on the wood types used. For example, some Wizard necks are made of 5 or 7 pieces. Well say, 3 pieces are maple, and two are walnut or mahogany or something. Also, the different pieces are usually running opposite grain of each other.

Multi-ply necks make for some beautiful guitars..
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Multi-ply necks make for some beautiful guitars..

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But yeah it's related to the number of pieces of wood.

Generally fewer pieces cost more money, but it depends on what it's being used for, etc. etc. etc.
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