My band decided to home record our demo EP and I also mixed it.
I started having trouble making each song "pop" i guess so i asked around and in the end i was able to get someone to touch up some of the songs. The problem is his mixed songs and the ones that I mixed are completely different in sound
His are MUCH louder and less bassy
is there any way i can use waveburner to get a continuous tone and volume? im just starting to learn how to use it.
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Not trying to be an arsehole or to cause major offence here... but to be brutally honest, both mixes kinda suck The songs themself aren't played in time properly, and there are countless other tracking issues (tuning of guitars, timing and the tracked tone to name but a few) so I think consistency between tracks should be fairly low on your priority list of things to worry about/consider.

It's only a demo, so I don't think people are going to listen to it and say "Hey, all the songs sound too different and this one has more bass than that one" because the whole point of a demo is to show a variety of sounds you can offer in a short EP. Also, many major releases have differences between the tracks - obviously some things are more consistent, but many things change depending on the feel and arrangement of the track.

I definitely wouldn't have paid for the mixes done by the other guy (and hope you didn't) and I don't feel he made much of an improvement anyway - whether that was completely down to him not being able to polish something poorly tracked, or partly down to his own methods, is impossible for me to tell just hearing the 'finished mix' but realistically speaking I wouldn't want to release that demo - I'd like it as a way of looking back and noting improvements as the band grows and becomes a tighter, more-professional unit, THEN record and release a proper EP to sell at shows.
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