I used to have this album that i wanted but never had the money on iTunes for. Now i got a gift card and would like to get it. The part that sucks is that I never wrote it down and only know what the album cover looks like...

It was black and white (more black and gray...) and I'm pretty sure that it was from the late 60's early 70's. It was a folk album, and the cover had an up close picture of the artist. He kind of looked like Tim Buckley.

I know that's very, very vague, but any help would be great. I know I stumbled upon him when looking at the "listeners also bought"...
after using Google to find out what Tim Buckley looks like (seriously, who the **** is Tim Buckley?), i think maybe you're thinking of Bob Dylan. he looks like that guy, and matches the description (late 60's/early 70's folk), but i don't know any of his albums.
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No no. I know it's not Bob Dylan haha. I doubt that he was very popular, which doesn't help me at all.
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It's Geoff.
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