Alright, so I've built up my musical arsenal to pretty well where I want it to be. Got a great distortion pedal, noise reducer, awesome (IMO) amp, and a pretty decent guitar. What I need now are two things; delay and reverb.

I was thinking of buying either a TC Electronic Nova Delay Pedal, or an EHX Cathedral Reverb Pedal. I only have enough money right now for one - and they're about the same price. So, my question is, which do you think is more useful? Both effects add a lot of style to your sound, and are insanely fun to fool around with, but as I can only buy one, kind of unsure which would be useful for the time being.

I play a lot of post-rock, post-metal, doom metal, and drone metal, and a bit of jazz guitar and progressive; all of those genres seem to utilize delay and reverb, so either pedal is awesome. Help me choose please?

And, owners (or people who've tried them) of the pedals, please share your opinions. If you think it's a POS and you'd rather have a different pedal, or, you worship it everyday before breakfast, feel free to share. Thanks
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I've always felt reverb sounded more natural. It looks like you're more into metal so delay would probably be better for you. It'll add a nice "3 dimensional" quality to your sound.
Find a Quadraverb on Ebay. You'll get really good reverb and delay out of the same box that can be run simultaneously plus a heap of mod effects as well. They go fairly cheap these days. Yes, it's a rack device but you can plug footswitches into it. You won't regret it.
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reverb isn't much of a metal thing. i recently picked up the mxr carbon copy and i love it. its a really great sounding delay and its super easy to use which is very important to me. personally i'm a fan of analog delays HOWEVER, the tc electronics is something i would also consider doing as well. so definitely check them out. but i think a delay would be better for you
i would go with the delay. you can get reverbish effect if you set the parameters correctly, however it wouldn't be as good as the cathedrial.

i am probably going to pick up both of those after funding another amp build and a guitar.
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After watching a few videos of each pedal, I'm thinking of going with the Cathedral. I mean, the reverse setting sounds so eerie, it'd be great for some cool doom metal passages, and the echo can provide a moderate amount of delay.

I'll be getting both pedals eventually, though, so it's all good. Thanks everyone.
I've spent all my money on gear, but I don't have a band yet
Don't listen to these guys, if you like black metal especially, reverb is your friend.

That being said, delay is tons funner.
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