ok so I just had a thought, and want to know how valid of an idea it is.

alot of guys build 18w plexis and such at home for fun and all. Id love to do that but have no use for a plexi.

I was looking on youtube and saw a few homemade dual rectos (2ch). the sound quality on alot of them wasnt that great so i dont know how good they actually sound, but is it feesible to build your own 2ch dual recto? I saw a kit on Ebay that gives you the schematics, Main board and PSU. but you would still need to add all the parts. anybody have an idea of how much thatd cost? would it be cheaper than buying a used 2ch recto?
for good quality parts you'll probably spend $600-$800 buying them at retail
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not cheaper then in the states.

that kits like 150 for the board and chassis plus 250 for the head shell then you're looking at 200 for the transformers and it's not an easy build.

600-800 seems about right.
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ok yea, thanks for the heads up on that.

Im still considering making one myself anyways eventually. I have heard that just certain parts on older rectos just go bad eventually and its not a big deal to fix, just like 100-200 if you get a tech to do it, but even then Im not sure if I wana worry about that
You're thinking it's easier to build a recto from a bucket of parts than to repair one that might theoretically at some point in its life need a new part or two?

I'm all for building amps yourself, but that's not a good reason for doing it (especially if you're trying to save money by using cheap parts). Like Min said, it's not an easy amp to build, especially if you've never done one before. If you aren't comfortable repairing a recto you certainly shouldn't be building one.